April: Will The Real Steven Briggs Please Stand Up

April: Will The Real Steven Briggs Please Stand Up
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Steven Briggs

When I decided that I wanted to give stand up a try, I went to an open mic night in town just to see the level of talent that I would be up against. After four or five comedians I was thinking that everyone was pretty funny, but that I could do better. Then Steven Briggs went on, and I re-evaluated which career I should pursue. He even broke out a beatbox version of Ride My Pony by Ginuwine that was amazing. I still eventually ended up on stage a couple of weeks later, but I had some way better material written because of him. I am glad that he was at the first open mic I went to. If you get a chance to see Steven Briggs then make sure you go. The price for his shows will not be cheap for long. Here are some videos of him performing -

Steven Briggs is just coming back from performing in Cartagena, Columbia. If I had to describe his type of comedy I would say it is like high energy sound effects story telling. Steven Briggs recently finished shooting the feature film Forbidden Dimensions, and he also happened to be in Bill Clinton’s favorite TV commercial. Here is the commercial, and you can find the link to the article below under links -


Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrStevenBriggs

Website: http://www.stevenbriggscomedy.com/

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/steven4811

Blog: http://stevenbriggs.blogspot.com/

Bill Clinton post in the New York Times:


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