June: Heath Harmison Proves That “Being Clean” Can Make Comedy Gold

June: Heath Harmison Proves That “Being Clean” Can Make Comedy Gold
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Heath HarmisonHeath is one of the brightest new comedians out there. His PG-13 style of comedy kills in clubs, colleges, and festivals including the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has opened for some of the best comics in the business including Louie Anderson and Eddie Griffin. His abilities that are presented on stage are endless! From doing celebrity impersonations, to singing, dancing, and accents. Heath’s comedy will paint a picture in your mind that will be burned in for weeks or longer. Being an Improv comedian also gives him that extra edge on the stand-up comedy stage. His quick wit allows him to adapt to any situation. If you have a chance to see Heath Harmison live, TAKE IT!

A few months ago, I was accepted into the “Riviera Comedy Headliner Competition” along with 15 other comedians. I felt honored to be a part of  a competition that had so many comedians i had recognized. Among the names of the comics i did not know was Heath Harmison. I looked him up on YouTube and was blown away. And since then, i have been a big fan.

I had the chance to ask Heath a few questions and this is what he had to say:

1. Nick: Tell me about Recycled Minds Comedy. How did that come to be?

Heath: Recycled Minds came about when my friend Sean Hancock and I decided to put together a two man long form show. We have been performing together now for about two years. Since then we have performed all over the place spanning from LA, Scotland, Spain, Germany, New York, and everywhere else in between. We do a variety of different shows such as the Facebook Show where we take someone in our audiences Facebook page and display it on a projector screen for the audience to see and then we ask them questions about their pics, status updates, and likes. And then we build our whole show around it. We also do the Relationship Show where we pick a couple from the audience and ask them about their life together and then relive it for the audience. We also do short form shows where we play a lot of different games like the show Whose Line is it Anyways.

2. Nick: You also run a “couples counseling” seminar called, “Improv-ing Communication” with your wife Mollie. How did that come to be and why did you decide to use your comedic talents to help men and women who are struggling?

Heath: My wife and I are teaching a communications course for couples and anyone else who just wants to learn how to communicate better with the people around them. Most of our people are couples though. It is called Improv-ing Communication. We teach people how to communicate better using tools learned in Improv. It is very fun and is a relax way to learn how to communicate and connect better to the people you care about. I have always wanted to help people. And this is how I can do it. We want to help drop the rate of divorce. Every marital issue starts with a communication problem. With all the technology out there now people don’t know how to communicate face to face anymore. We teach people how to do that. Couples that have taken our class have learned how to connect strongly with their partner in ways they never have before. Its amazing to watch the progression people make in their relationships.

3. Nick: And speaking of your wife, you have two kids as well. What advice do you have for our readers out there who are trying to not only have fun doing doing comedy, but also have to support a family?

Heath: The advice that I would give comics with families is that family ALWAYS comes first. Be present in the lives of your kids when you are home. I don’t do a lot of Open Mic stuff when I’m home. When I’m home…I’m home. You have to work very hard to be able to support a family on a comedian wage. It helps to be funny also. Constantly making calls, sending emails, and driving is 90% of my job. 10% of it is the fun part. I don’t have an agent so I do all my own bookings. I work with a lot of different bookers but thats it. I have supported my family on it and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

4. Nick: How do you go about getting yourself booked at clubs and colleges and such?

Heath: When it comes to getting booked its all about relationships. Networking is what gets you booked. Be good and respectful to everyone you come in contact with and you will get pretty far. You also have to be funny. You will run into people that don’t like you know matter what you do. It sucks but thats just how it is. Comics, bookers, and club owners are very sensitive so you have to be very careful of boundaries. Bridges are easily burned in this business and very hard to rebuild. So do your very best to be respectful and good to everyone.

Written by: Nick Johnson

You can find out more about Heath on his website: http://www.heathharmison.com/Heath Harmison



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