Baby Cribs Are Unsafe By Adam Waddle

Baby Cribs Are Unsafe By Adam Waddle
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Baby Crib Adam Waddle

I heard a startling statistic that approximately 100 babies die every year from falling out of cribs. There are also approximately 10,000 babies injured in crib related accidents every year.

Once I heard this I began brainstorming ways to solve this problem. Then I though of it. . .why not put a cover on the crib so the babies can’t fall out? I thought that this was a perfect solution to the problem, but my baby cage idea has been met with some resistance. I don’t understand why people are uneasy about this idea.

I then began to think of ways to improve upon my baby cage idea. The first improvement that I thought of was to put a wheel in the cage so the babies can exercise, and lose some of their baby fat. I also thought that putting a water and food dispenser in the cage would allow the baby sustenance whenever he/she wanted it.

If I had a kid I would want him to be healthy and safe. So I don’t know why people are so critical of my baby cage idea. I guess not everyone can be as good a parent as I would be. So be a good parent and buy your baby a baby cage.

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